This project was a demand from our developer partners, who asked us to create and improve a navigability flow for an application used in asset management in various industries.

The Challenge

My role in this project was to design the UI for an industry task management product. We analyzed the stories and created all the screens and prototypes to test them with some operators, thus validating a model developed by the developers.

User Stories

We crafted user stories to provide the team with a precise vision of the goals this design should accomplish. These stories are categorized into high, medium, and low priorities

The Solution
for MVP

A prototype was made so that we could test it with operators from selected factories with different types of possible users and so that we could easily access and visualize the project.

We tested
the MVP

For the MVP, we tested with some company employees (who have never used a similar application) and others outside the company (who have already used or use similar applications on a daily basis) to find the main difficulties in usability.

The tests were carried out in two stages, the second being a validation of the critical points raised in the first proposal.

Design System

We focused on design following the TailWind Design system (framework) to ensure that when delivering our design, it was easy for developers to understand.

UI/UX Design | Mobile Design

Monitoring and controlling app design

Client Biomedh
Year 2021
Role UI Designer
UX Designer
Location São Paulo/Brazil