Kool Dev is a startup that offers developers a game-changing suite of open source tools that level up the way they build and deploy modern, cloud-native web applications.

The Challenge

The main challenge in designing Kool.dev, was creating an interface for developers, designers, and agencies. The main goal of this platform is to keep the users engaged on the platform by proving them a smooth, simple, and elegant user experience.

The Challenge

Here are some insights based on the information collected in our research:

  • Most developers were satisfied and comfortable with the interface
  • Most designers and agencies reported difficulty and little data in the interface panel
  • Most areas of the platform were not used by many users. Usability was very different among the personas

Bonus Logo Project

In this project I had the opportunity to design a new logo for the startup and implement a new identity on the Kooldev platform.

Datailed UI Screens

The purpose of this application was to allow developers, designers and agencies to quickly navigate and view all features like a dashboard in real time. With this in mind, I wanted the app to have a clean and minimal feel to ensure the design doesn’t get in the way of the user’s goals.

Design System

We focused on design following the TailWind Design system (framework) to ensure that when delivering our design, it was easy for developers to understand.

UI Design | Web Project

Make Koll even better

Client Kool.dev
Year 2022
Role Research
UI Design
Design System
Location São Paulo/Brazil