The Aruna logo is a harmonious creation of elements that capture the essence of the project, uniting the Indian origin of the word, the natural beauty of Alagoas, and the idea of community.


The design incorporates the sun, curved lines representing waves, and a representation of the human fingerprint to convey rebirth, hope, and connection to place.

Brand Goals

  • Reflecting Cultural Heritage
  • Symbolizes Renewal
  • Symbolizes the Natural Beauty of Alagoas
  • Promotes Community and Connection
  • Versatility and Application
  • Convey Hope and Positivity

About Colors

The color palette has been carefully selected to reflect positive energy and renewal. We used shades of gold and yellow to symbolize the rising sun and shades of blue and green to symbolize the Alagoas ocean and nature.


The logo is versatile and can be applied to a variety of materials, including stationery, websites, social media, and promotional products, maintaining its identity and meaning in different contexts. The application of its rounded textures allows for many applications.

Logo Design | Graphic Design

Aruna, the light of a new day

Client Aruna
Year 2023
Role Graphic Designer
Art Director
Location Alagoas/Brazil